The soundtrack of your life is no longer limited to static playlists or your imagination. Our patented technology empowers you to invite your friends, your followers or the world to share in every moment of your life  in a new way - one where they can listen to your curated songs beat-for-beat while you layer in live video, audio and chat. Orchestrate an immersive experience, or simply sit back and listen together. How you vibe is up to you, we just amplify the connection.

To get started, just link your Apple Music or Spotify Premium account. Once you're connected, you can live-stream your workout with your go-to soundtrack, get in the headphones of your favorite players' warm-up playlists or get the inside story behind your favorite songs directly from the artists you love.

How does music get played in Vertigo?

The only way music can be played in Vertigo is if a user has first linked a premium streaming account  as their legal access point. This is required in order to: listen to a song individually, share live with other user(s) or listen live with other user(s).

What does “share live” on Vertigo do?

“Sharing live” on Vertigo happens when a user who has linked their Apple Music or Spotify Premium account chooses to allow others to experience music with them in real time. Unlike a broadcast where the person sharing content is the source, Vertigo's patented method flips this model so that protected content is never fulfilled by the person sharing, but by the legal access point of the person listening. The song ID and starting timestamp of every song a host listens to during a live session are shared with those tuning in and allow each listener to access the song from their own legal source at the same timestamp as the host playing the song. 

Is “sharing live” on Vertigo the same as broadcasting music?

No, the only thing being shared between the listen live host and listeners is the song ID and starting timestamp. Unlike traditional radio where one song is broadcast to multiple people, on Vertigo every single person involved in a listen live experience must have legal access through Apple Music or Spotify Premium to consume the music being played. For example, in a listen live session with a host and three listeners, every song played would log four streams of that particular song: one from the host and one from each of the three listeners.

How do artists, labels and rights holders get compensated from Vertigo?

Since only social content is shared by Vertigo and music is never being "broadcasted", rights holders not only get the benefit of premium compensation from premium streaming services, but the social amplification helps drive premium stream adoption over free services since Vertigo only supports premium accounts.